Sunday, January 1, 2023

movie highlights of 2022

These are some of the more interesting movies I saw and reviewed in 2022. Not necessarily the best, but the ones that really grabbed me.

I Start Counting (1969). Offbeat British fairy tale thriller. Stunning performance from Jenny Agutter.

The Collector (1965). A young man collects butterflies, and girls. Not what you expect from William Wyler.

La Piscine (1969). Euro-decadence with Alian Delon, Romy Schneider and Jane Birkin.

Pasquale Festa Campanile's The Slave (AKA Scacco alla regina AKA Check to the Queen, 1969). More euro-decadence. A tale of dominance and submission, but not necessarily sexual.

Basic Instinct (1992). Paul Verhoeven riffs on Vertigo. The greatest of all neo-noirs.

Blonde Venus (1932). Josef von Sternberg directs Marlene Dietrich. Hot Voodoo!

Overall a pretty good year for movie watching for me.

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