Monday, January 1, 2018

classic movie viewing highlights for 2017

I didn’t get to see a huge number of classic movies this year buy among those I did see these were the highlights:

Rhythm on the River. A delightful 1940 musical with Bing Crosby exercising his easy-going charm to great effect.

The Man in Grey. An outrageous 1943 British melodrama with James Mason and Margaret Lockwood in sizzling form.

Madonna of the Seven Moons. An even more outrageous and rather bizarre 1945 British melodrama.

The Long Memory. A superb noir-tinged 1953 British crime thriller with John Mills giving a very dark  and very powerful performance.

Valley of the Kings. A top-notch action adventure thriller from 1954 with Robert Taylor as a daring archaeologist.

The Vicious Circle. Highly entertaining 1957 British mystery thriller with some neat plot twists and turns.

The White Trap. Superb 1959 British crime thriller B-feature with a hint of noir.

The Naked Truth. Wonderful British comedy with Terry-Thomas in sparkling form.

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