Saturday, November 14, 2020

some posts from my other blogs

Some posts from my other blogs which you might find interesting.

On Vintage Pop Fictions:

Wade Miller's 1959 Kitten with a Whip, later made into a terrific movie with Ann-Margret as the ultimate bad girl.

Mickey Spillane’s 1951 The Big Kill a classic Mike Hammer novel with the usual sleaze and violence done in Spillane’s inimitable style.

Day Keene's 1954 Sleep With the Devil, a fine example of 50s noir fiction.

A.S. Fleischman's Shanghai Flame. Great pulpy spy adventure fun.

On Cult TV Lounge:

Public Eye (season 7, 1975), the greatest of all British private eye TV series.

Perry Mason season 2 (1958-59). A true television classic.

A Man Called Harry Brent (1965). A Francis Durbridge-penned British crime/mystery serial.

On Cult Movie Reviews:

Five Golden Dragons (1967). Lightweight but fun and outrageous thriller about an international crime syndicate. It has a very tenuous Edgar Wallace connection. And it features Christopher Lee.

Louisiana Hussey (1959). Low-budget but very enjoyable hicksploitation movie.

Who Saw Her Die? (1972). Excellent giallo which is a kind of precursor to Don’t Look Now.

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