Sunday, December 29, 2013

the best classic movies watched in 2013

The high points of my classic movies viewing in 2013:

The Cobweb (1955). Vincente Minnelli goes right over the top with this wonderfully crazy high camp psychiatry melodrama.

Johnny Eager (1941). Fine gangster movie with some claim to being at last a proto-noir, starring the underrated Robert Taylor.

The Fountainhead (1949). Stylistically and thematically an extremely unusual and unconventional but fascinating movie.

A Colt Is My Passport (1967). Very stylish Japanese film noir.

The Love Parade (1929). The Lubitsch Touch at its best.

Nowhere To Go (1958). Neglected British film noir gem from Ealing Studios (of all people).

The Bank Dick (1940). Very very funny W. C. Fields classic.

The Lineup (1958). Fast-moving action-packed film noir from Don Siegel.

The Blue Max (1966). Visually superb, and s subtle and intelligent war movie.

Underworld USA (1961). Moody and unconventional Sam Fuller noir.

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